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HIT are known for the quality of the information we provide, our leaflets, our training, and our conferences. But there are times when we have more themed short essions with some of the best speakers in the work, these make up our HIT Seminars.


Presented by: Danny Morris
On 2nd February 2012 Danny Morris gave a presentation on the lifesaving medication Naloxone. This drug that can be used to reverse the effects of opitate overdose and is being distributed by a number of areas around the UK and internationally to heroin users and their families.

Drug Consumption Rooms

Presented by: Dr Robert Haemmig, Dr Jakob Huber & Neil Hunt
The world’s first drug consumption room was opened in Berne, Switzerland in 1986. Dr Robert Haemmig and Dr Jakob Huber were among the founders. Dr Haemmig spoke about their history and rationale and Dr Huber spoke about the development-oriented approach that bridges acceptance/harm reduction perspectives and abstinence based services.

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We have a number of sponsorship options for the next HIT Hot Topics Conference ranging from simple ‘supporter’ all the way to being the main conference sponsor. If you or your company are interested in supporting the conference (or any other event we run at HIT) please check our sponsorship options page.


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