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HIT Seminar Archive

Drugs and the Internet

At this HIT Hot Topics Seminar, Kieran Hamilton discussed online drug user subcultures in relation to both illegal and novel psychoactive substances, the role of the Internet in the changing nature of drug use, and what this might mean for drug users, as well as drug policy, in the future.
  • What drugs are people buying on the internet? 
  • How are people using the drugs they buy online?
  • What does the internet mean for drug users?
  • How can policy best address the issue of drugs and the internet?


Kieran Hamilton

PhD Researcher


Kieran Hamilton is a PhD Researcher at the centre for Alcohol and Drug Studies within the School of Media, Culture and Society at the University of the West of Scotland. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances, the relationship between the Internet and drug use, and online and offline harm reduction networks.

His research to date has included investigating the impacts of mephedrone use and prohibition in the West of Scotland. He is currently researching perceptions of novel psychoactive substances in terms of harm, risk and legality, and the consequences this might have for drug using behaviour.