Hot Topics 2016

On the 25th of November 2016, the sixth annual HIT Hot Topics Conference was held at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Attendees saw international speakers on drug policy and practice covering topics ranging from drug consumption rooms to race inequality. Speakers: Keith Sabin, Mat Southwell, Magdalena Harris, Faye Macrory, Aaron Goodman, Suzi Gage, Fiona Measham, Deborah Small, Michael Shiner, Fabrice Olivet, Maria Phelan, Kirsten Horsburgh, Jim McVeigh and Carl Hart. 

Hot Topics 2015

On the 27th of November 2015, the fifth annual HIT Hot Topics Conference was held at Lutyens Crypt in the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. 200 attendees came to see a range of international speakers on drug policy and practice. Speakers: Ethan Nadelmann, Carl Hart, Josie Smith, Bengt Kayser, Alex Stevens, Niamh Eastwood, Jamie Bridge, Nigel Brunsdon, Chris Rintoul and Harry Sumnall 

Hot Topics 2014

On the 14th of November 2014, the Fourth Annual HIT Hot Topics Conference was held at FACT in Liverpool. It was a wonderful day with almost 200 attendees and, as always, a great range and quality of speakers. Speakers: Dr. Carl Hart, Anne-Marie Cockburn, David Stuart, Prof. Gerry Stimson, Dr. Magdalena Harris, Katy MacLeod, Sara McGrail, and Russell Newcombe. 

Hot Topics 2013

On the 15th of November 2013, the Third Annual HIT Hot Topics Conference was held at FACT in Liverpool. It was a wonderful day with a great group of speakers. Speakers: Greg Scott, Mat Southwell, Kirsten Horsburg, Max Daly, Shelly Stoops, Kirsty Douse, Kareznza Moore, Russell Newcombe, Mike Power, and Gill Bradbury. 

Hot Topics 2012

On Thursday 20th September, HIT hosted their second "Hot Topics" conference in Liverpool. This national harm reduction event attracted 140 delegates from across the country and beyond, and was a great success. Speakers: Sara McGrail, Dr Adam Winstock, Mat Southwell, Stephen Heller-Murphy, Nigel Brunsdon, John Cambell, Dean Linzey, Matt Gleeson, Martin Chandler, Chris Rintoul, Buff Cameron, Joanne Branigan, Kirsten Forseth and Russell Newcombe. 

Hot Topics 2011

In May 2011, HIT, in association with Simpson House, held the first Hot Topics conference in Liverpool. It was a great day with some amazing speakers. Speakers: Nigel Brunsdon, Paul Dillon, Naimh Eastwood, Jim McVeigh, Sally Woods, Steve Rolles, Alistair Sinclair, Mat Southwell, Prof John Davies, Alan Matthews, Prof Tom Cannon, Annette Dale-Perera, Gary Rickwood, Erin O'Mara, Damon Barrett, Suzy Dean and Rodger Phillips.

The Stuff On Tobacco

The Stuff On Tobacco This 16-page booklet, aimed at young people, covers tobaccoo and includes sections on: what it is brief history of use effects dangers the law top 10 safety tips what the young characters think of tobacco where to find more information and get help if needed Part of the 'Stuff on..'…

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