On the 8th of November 2019, the ninth annual HIT Hot Topics Conference was held again at the Lutyens Crypt in Liverpool. Attendees saw international speakers on drug policy and practice covering topics including international drug policy, psychedelic sitting, naloxone, drug user activism, and cannabis. Speakers: Sanho Tree, Katy MacLeod, Pavel Bém, Rui Coimbra Morais, Biz Bliss, Nadia Hutten, Peter Blanken, Megan Jones, Prun Bijral, Amira Guirguis, Mick Webb and Lizzie McCulloch. 

Know Series - Set of 5

Know Series - Set of 5 These five new colourful, reasonably priced leaflets are easy to read and bang up to date. They will help keep actual and potential users as safe as possible and are also informative for professionals and the public at large. They all include sections on: what the drug is the laws…

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