Cannabis continues to be a popular drug in the UK, although the strains of the drug itself, and the research relating to its use are always developing, so on the 19th June (2012) we held a Cannabis seminar in Warrington. 


Matthew Atha - Drug Abuse Research and Information Consultant.
Matthew gave a broad overview of cannabis, including what it is, how it's taken, who takes it and what its effects are, he has been kind enough to collect together his talk and his powerpoint into one document which you can download.

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Dr Russell Newcombe - Specialist Researcher, Trainer and Lecturer on Drug Use.
Russell spoke about legal high synthetic cannabinoids, like Black Mamba, looking at the possibilities for future development of an almost endless number of substances.

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Kirstie Douse - Head of Legal Services, Release.
Kirstie talked about how the law on cannabis affects young people. She focused especially on the way that young people experimenting with this drug are criminalised by our current legal system, and how this impacts on them in later life.

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Know - Alcohol

Know - Alcohol This 8-page leaflet is easy to read and bang up to date. It will help keep actual and potential users as safe as possible when using alcohol and is also informative for professionals and the public at large. It includes sections on what alcohol is the laws regarding alcohol effects…

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