On 19 July, Stephanie Davies, founder of Laughology and Alan Matthews, freelance trainer talked us through the theory underpinning laughology and gave examples of how we might use it in work with people who use drugs. Along the way, there were plenty of laughs and a couple of (almost) embarrassing activities that had the whole room cracking up.

Everyone’s heard the adage ‘laughter is the best medicine’, so it should come as no surprise that laughter can be a key component of a drug worker’s toolbox.

Stephanie’s laughology expertise and Alan’s second-to-none knowledge of drugs and drug treatment complemented each other perfectly, and their double act was enjoyable.

Being able to laugh and have a sense of humour is a life-skill that is essential to a healthy balance between mind and body. Laughology's techniques are now being employed to benefit people in drug treatment by taking a practical approach to how humour processing can help people achieve whatever goals they set themselves.

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