On 19 July, Stephanie Davies, founder of Laughology and Alan Matthews, freelance trainer talked us through the theory underpinning laughology and gave examples of how we might use it in work with people who use drugs. Along the way, there were plenty of laughs and a couple of (almost) embarrassing activities that had the whole room cracking up.

Legal high

Legal Highs

On 8th May 2012 HIT held a Legal Highs seminar in Warrington. The speakers for this were Dr. Russell Newcombe and Dr. Harry Sumnall. Both Russell and Harry spoke about how unhelpful news reporting has been around legal highs...



On 2nd Febuary 2012 Danny Morris gave a presentation on the lifesaving medication Naloxone. This drug that can be used to reverse the effects of opitate overdose and is being distributed by a number of areas around the UK and internationally to heroin users and their families.



Cannabis continues to be a popular drug in the UK, although the strains of the drug itself, and the research relating to its use are always developing, so on the 19th June (2012) we held a Cannabis seminar in Warrington. 

Living a Life on Purpose

On March 25th Jacquie Johnston-Lynch described the pain that brought her into the addiction field and how she became ready to become purposeful in all aspects of her life as a result of the debilitating effects of that pain. She also explored the more pertinent issues to staff and clients alike in relation to living a life on purpose.

Drug Consumption Room

Drug Consumption Rooms

The world's first drug consumption room was opened in Berne, Switzerland in 1986. Dr Robert Haemmig and Dr Jakob Huber were among the founders. Dr Haemmig spoke about their history and rationale and Dr Huber spoke about the development-oriented approach that bridges acceptance/harm reduction perspectives and abstinence based services.

The Stuff On Alcohol

The Stuff On Alcohol This 16-page booklet, aimed at young people, covers alcohol and includes sections on: what it is brief history of use effects dangers the law top 10 safety tips what the young characters think of alcohol where to find more information and get help if needed Part of the 'Stuff on..'…

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