Adding Colour To Your Presentation

Systems like Powerpoint and Keynote have plenty of theme options to keep the average person happy, you can even download hundreds more online from sites like But maybe you've got to the stage where you want your presentations to be unique rather than using someone elses work. A good starting place is picking which colours to use

The Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel
When you pick the colours you want on your presentation there is a standard design guide to find colours that complement each other, this is called the colour wheel.
Using it is a simple case of following a couple of 'rules'
  • Opposites attract, if your design is going to be two colours only then either pick two colours close to each other, or go to the opposite side of the wheel.
  • You want more colours, then pick a shape, if you need the deisgn to have more colours then evenly space your selcetions by overlaying a shape on the wheel. Use a triangle for 3, a square for 4 etc.


There are plenty of online tools to help you pick the colours to use, we especially like Paletton's colour wheel selector and Adobe Kuler as they are simple and interactive tools.

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