Nigel Brunsdon (Community Manager)

Nigel Brunsdon
I'm HIT's Community Manager, it's a very grand title that doesn't quite explain the work I do. I'm responsible for managing HIT's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.), putting together the community focused websites we run like the Harm Reduction Cafe and encouraging people to use these services. I'm basically the guy who's job it is to let you know what we're doing here at HIT from day to day.
I've been working in drug services for over a decade with previous jobs including Project Worker up to Area Manager and Trainer. Setting up needle programmes, doing one to one work and managing projects. As well as my day job I'm also the deputy chair of the National Needle Exchange Forum and on the planning group for the UK Harm Reduction Alliance (plus a few other harm reduction groups).
I've been working at HIT since the end of 2011, Pat approached me to join the team because of the work he knew I did on social media and on my own personal site ( I can honestly say I love my job, I get to work with people who are passionate about harm reduction and meet many of the people whose work I've followed over the years at the conferences, seminars and training we run.
When it comes to me as a person, outside of my obsession with harm reduction, I'm a proud father, husband, hobbyist photographer and self-confessed geek.

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