Drugs and Me - A New Way of Engaging Young Drug Users

Drugs and Me - A New Way of Engaging Young Drug Users

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: Workbook
  • Code: DM10
Drugs and Me is a structured programme for working one-to-one with young drug users and with small groups.
Each manual comes with 10 recording booklets and a CD-rom.
It's been more successful than any of us could have hoped for. It is especially useful when dealing with young people who are reluctant to engage. The cards seem to bring out issues that otherwise might not have come to light, leading on to working in new directions with young people.
Drug worker - Young Offender Institution.
Price: £49.00
5-9 copies £46 each
10-19 copies £44 each
20-49 copies £40 each
50+ copies Call us for pricing

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