An Introduction to Mindfulness

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Everybody is talking about Mindfulness. More and more people are learning about the remarkable benefits of these simple techniques and practices, whilst Mindfulness-based therapies are now in widespread use in clinical and therapeutic settings.
Mindfulness practices have now been scientifically proven to reduce stress and alleviate depression, as well as being proven to enhance general health, happiness and well-being. In particular, Mindfulness is now emerging as a highly effective tool in managing, and recovering from, substance use and addictive behaviour. As well as individuals, many employers are becoming aware of the benefits of Mindfulness for employee welfare and business development.
Training in Mindfulness can support a more productive, creative, peaceful and successful work environment. It will provide attendees with an introduction and insight into Mindfulness and the simple meditation practices that underpin it. It will also give participants the opportunity to experience and try out the core practices and techniques involved in Mindfulness. The course can be commissioned to be delivered at your organisation, and would therefore be tailored to your specific needs. Longer, more advanced courses are also available.

Learning objectives:

  • To introduce participants to the basic idea of Mindfulness
  • To outline and explain some of the core practices and techniques of Mindfulness
  • To allow participants to experience the practices and benefits for themselves through various interactive and easy-to-follow exercises
  • To outline the highly scientific nature of modern research findings on Mindfulness
  • To give participants a basic understanding of the history and development of Mindfulness
  • To give participants the basic knowledge and tools needed to begin or develop a regular personal practice of Mindfulness (if they so wish)
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