Holistic Coaching: Tapping into Recovery

Additional Info

  • Length: 1 Day
  • Where: Liverpool
  • Tutor: Stacey Smith
This one day course on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is aimed at all professionals supporting people having problems with alcohol and other drugs.
The beauty of EFT lies not only in the quick, easy and effective application of the techniques but also in the empowerment of the clients as they get the support they require when and where they need it, and learn the process for themselves so they can use a new, healthy, holistic and non-intrusive way to manage the daily pressures of life... Life on life's terms!

Learning Objectives:

  • Exploring a brief history of the development of EFT
  • How EFT works in harmony with the body's energy system
  • How EFT fits into the cycle of change
  • To learn the basic tapping recipe for EFT
  • To learn the tapping points
  • Tapping to overcome triggers, cravings and withdrawal
  • Creative tapping
  • Working with groups
  • Managing stress in recovery
Date of next course TBA

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