Val Goff

Val Goff
Val Goff gained the Advanced Certificate in the Management of Substance Misuse 9 years ago and has over 11 years experience working in the substance misuse/addictions field, mainly within the Criminal Justice System. She is a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Val delivers these two-day, certificated courses on a freelance basis for the NHS and various other organisations.
Val’s interest in mental health was sparked soon after starting work in the drug and alcohol field when trying to establish if drug/alcohol misuse had come about in an individual because of a mental health issue or the other way around. This led to an interest in dual diagnosis and developed into a passion for wanting to help people recognise the signs of emotional and mental ill health issues, empower them to feel confident to help and prevent the issues from becoming unmanageable. With early intervention, young people in particular, can be protected from risk of harm and developing a dependency on drugs/alcohol.
Val also has a private practice in holistic therapies. She is a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher and also specialises in training drug/alcohol workers in using Reiki with addictions. Val is a long term member of the Reiki Healers and Teachers Society. Auricular Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage and Emotional Freedom Technique add to the repertoire of therapies Val is able to offer to her clients.

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