Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor

Tony has worked in a wide variety of environments including drug rehabilitation and detox centres, community services, HMP Liverpool, HMP Altcourse and other UK prisons, as well as most custody suites in Merseyside. He understands the demands, pressures and stress that staff experience in these working environments, particularly in today's climate of limited resources.

Tony has been involved in the personal development field for over 25 years. His current professional status began in the mid 80's with an interest in holistic health, and studies in the martial arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His studies expanded to encompass Holistic Massage, Chi Gong, Meditation and more recently Yoga. Shortly after this Tony began his studies in the therapeutic arts and has been developing his knowledge, practice and skills ever since.

He continues to develop himself both personally and professionally today, and is always involved in some form of study, or learning.

Though his expertise is not limited to the field of addiction, it is an area he has been involved in extensively and he is passionate about supporting people in overcoming what he believes is one of the greatest challenges anyone can face.

Tony has been a trainer and therapeutic group facilitator for 20 years, and has specialised his training, workshops and group sessions in the area of relapse prevention, self-awareness, creative problem solving, stress solutions, and therapeutic interventions to help people in recovery to manage their feelings at times of crisis.

Tony is qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Therapeutic Counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), TA (Transactional Analysis), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Stress Solutions/Work-Life Balance and Holistic Massage. He continues to develop professionally each year, and has attended many other training and professional development courses/workshops.


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