Gary Sutton

Gary Sutton
Gary Sutton is currently Head of Drug Services at Release, a member of the Executive Committee of the Alliance and Traffasi's lead trainer on crack cocaine.
A former Outreach Manager at Mainliners in London, he has worked for a range of private, statutory and voluntary services in the drug treatment field over the last twelve years.
Gary was a member of the NTA expert crack cocaine working group, and has trained and written extensively on a variety of drug and user involvement issues.
In addition to contributing to the current 'Orange Guidelines' 2007, Gary is now a member of the Expert Witness Institute and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. He is also currently a visiting lecturer to Addiction/Public Health MSc students.

The Stuff On Ecstasy

The Stuff On Ecstasy This 16-page booklet, aimed at young people, covers ecstasy and includes sections on: what it is brief history of use effects dangers the law top 10 safety tips what the young characters think of ecstasy where to find more information and get help if needed Part of the 'Stuff on..' series,…

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