Roweena Russell

Roweena Russell
Roweena has worked in the HIV and drugs field since the 1990s. She was on the board of and chaired IGLYO (International Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Youth and Student Organisation) from 1999-2001. In 2008 when part of the North Tyneside DAT Roweena developed the hiwecanhelp website. The NHS innovations award winning site has been part of Curb Office since 2010.
Roweena studied Social Studies at Ballyfermott Senior College and then went on to do a dual honours degree in Sociology and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin.

Know - Mephedrone

Know - Mephedrone This 8-page leaflet is easy to read and bang up to date. It will help keep actual and potential users as safe as possible when using mephedrone and is also informative for professionals and the public at large. It includes sections on what mephedrone is the laws regarding mephedrone effects…

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