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HIT Seminar Archive

Living a Life On Purpose

On March 25th Jacquie Johnston-Lynch described the pain that brought her into the addiction field and how she became ready to become purposeful in all aspects of her life as a result of the debilitating effects of that pain. She also explored the more pertinent issues to staff and clients alike in relation to living a life on purpose.


Jacquie Johnston-Lynch

social worker and therapist

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch is a social worker and therapist by training but has managed 3rd sector organisations in the field of HIV, Addiction, Recovery and Personal Development since 1992.

She is known for a series of UK firsts: The First UK Recovery Walk in 2009; The First Social Enterprise Dry Bar in the UK; The First UK Recovery Choir… the list goes on!

She has an entrepreneurial flair and is always able to bring LOVE into each setting she works in. She works to the following 3 tenets:

  • Turning Pain into Purpose
  • Transforming Trauma
  • Creating Opportunities from Obstacles