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HIT Seminar Archive

Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs

This Hot Topics seminar examined the emerging threat to public heath from the increasing use of enhancement drugs and the services for users of these drugs both from a worker point of view and that of someone who uses PIEDs.


Jim McVeigh

Deputy Director/Reader in Substance Use Epidemiology

Jim’s main research area is human enhancement drug use, in particular, anabolic steroids & associated drugs, although he has an interest in all forms of drug use. Jim’s commitment to public health continues and he remain passionate about addressing health inequalities and social deprivation. Jim’s presentation, entitled Human enhancement and the pursuit of perfection, looked at the emerging threat to public health posed by the use of human enhancement drugs, which has remained largely unrecognised, in true ‘Jim’ style this included more than a few refrences to Doctor Who.

Josie Smith

Research Scientist

Josie Smith is the Head of the Substance Misuse Programme for Public Health Wales. Josie outlined the emergence of steroids in the Welsh treatment system and the work undertaken as a result, including the creation of the (Steroids and Image Enhancing Drugs) website.

Dave Crosland

Personal trainerl & UKBFF judge

Dave Crosland is a personal trainer, model and UKBFF judge, he also runs a private harm redcution subscription service for people in the body building community. Dave gave a perspective on why people choose to take steroids and how services might best meet their needs.

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