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Pharmacy Needle Programmes

This one-day course has been developed to give an understanding of the role pharmacy-based Needle and Syringe Programmes play alongside drug and alcohol services, based on national NICE guidance. It will inform delegates of best practice and recognised harm reduction messages to be used when working with injecting drug users, along with an underpinning knowledge of currently injected substances and their associated risk factors.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the basis of harm reduction
  • To gain an overview of NICE national guidance for NSP
  • To understand the role pharmacy based NSP plays within NICE national guidance
  • To give a range of harm reduction advice
  • To give advice on equipment selection
  • To understand the importance of data collection and its limits
  • To understand the issues around sharing equipment
  • To understand which drugs are commonly injected and their associated risk factors
  • To be able to identify a wide range of associated risk factors
  • To present accurate facts and figures of injecting risks nationally
  • To understand how injecting equipment is used in real world situations
  • To give an overview of common injecting related health issues
  • To give a basic overview of steroid injecting issues
  • To explore strategies for increasing return rates

Additional Info

  • Length:
    1 Day
  • Trainer:
  • Location:

    Your own venue (group booking)