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Presenter Guidelines

These guidelines are written for anyone presenting at a HIT Conference or seminar event. If you are presenting or running an event elsewhere you may well still find them useful. Please read though the information carefully to ensure that on the day everything runs smoothly.

Getting to The Venue And Timings

Venue details will be available on the conference/seminar page of our website, we will also contact you separately via email with full details of the venue and the planned time of your session. This email will include how long your session is intended to run (including if you are to leave time for questions, breaks in seminars etc). Please be sure to arrive early to make sure we have everything ready for you.

Your Presentation Slides (Powerpoint)

If possible we need to have your powerpoint slides before the conference/seminar starts, this way we can have it preloaded on the system. If there are last minute changes to your talk, please get these to us as early as possible on the day (find any of our HIT staff, there is usually someone managing our promotional stand).

Remember that your presentation will likely be running on a different computer from the one it was written on. This will mean that things like fonts you’ve used and videos will need to be ’embedded’ in the file if you want to be 100% sure the slides work as you formatted them.

We also recommend bringing a copy of your presentation with you on a flash drive (Our Community Manager would say “two flash drives, saved to your email account, in a folder on dropbox etc etc… but he panics about his slides not working).

Presentation Slides (If Not Using Powerpoint)

It may be that you want to use another system for your presentation:

  • Prezi: Prezi users please export your Prezi to a file and send us this. Also please send us the link to the online version of the Prezi ahead of the conference. Remember that video embedded in a Prezi requires an active internet connection, while we do try and make sure the venue has full internet access we cannot guarantee how fast the connection will be
  • Haiku Deck: Please send us the link to the web version of your deck. If you are running the deck from a mobile device like an iPad please let us know in advance so we can check that we have the right cables for connecting to the projection system.
  • Keynote: Please export your keynote as a Powerpoint file and send us this file. If you are planning to bring your own macbook or iPad to deliver from, please let us know inĀ advance so we can check that we have the right cables for connecting to the projection system, if you have your own cables to connect to a projector system bring them as well, just in case. (If possible still also export a version as a Powerpoint file just in case as a backup option.)

After the conference

We keep an archive of our conferences and seminars on the website including the slides and where possible videos filmed on the day. If for any reason you do not want part of your presentation including in this, (eg if there are pictures that contain sensitive information) please let us know as soon as possible.

All slides are put online in a converted format that maintains as far as possible the look of the slides on the day they’re presented (we do NOT post a copy of your Powerpoint file online). Presentations made with services like Prezi or Haiku Deck will be converted to a format we can use, in this case transitions and animations may be lost.

If you want your ‘Notes’ field to be viewable by site visitors to give people ‘context’ and explanation of the slides, please put any text in the ‘Notes’ area (you can do this after the event, or send us 2 versions – one for the conference, one for the web).