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A Guide to Safer Injecting

This leaflet provides essential harm reduction information for injecting drug users.

Blunt Needle Card

This simple, graphic leaflet shows in print what can’t be seen by the eye: just how damaging to soft tissue a needle blunted by re-use can be.

Cleaning Works!

Needle and syringe programmes in the UK are distributing, on average, around 1 needle and syringe, per injector, per day. With an average injecting frequency of around 3 injections per day, this means that many syringes are reused.

Crack Cocaine – Reduce the Risks

Crack cocaine is often thought of as the hardest drug to control. This leaflet explains why the use of crack cocaine can easily become compulsive.

The Safer Injecting Handbook

The Safer Injecting Handbook has been the definitive user’s guide, to reducing harm related to injecting for 20 years.


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