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Stayin’ Alive

Drugs are changing and overdoses are rising. Harm Reduction Leads from leading treatment providers Cranstoun , Change Grow Live , Humankind , Turning Point and ourselves here at HIT are encouraging anyone who uses drugs to make a Stayin’ Alive Plan, aimed at preventing fatal overdose.

Ask people who use drugs what they could do to prevent their avoidable death. If they come up with the plan it’ll be relevant to their unique circumstances and it’s far more likely they will put it into practice.

  • Assume it’s something else
    Any drug could be something else
  • Reduce risk of OD
    Test dose
    Go low and slow
    Stagger dosing among your mates
  • Make a rescue plan
    How would someone know if I overdosed? How would anyone find me?
    Carry naloxone
    If you have a smartphone use the BuddyUp app

    You are important

To help promote this message we have produced some image resources to share on social media and PDFs for printing and putting up on notice boards in your services.

Social Media Images


Download PDF Download PDF with Printers Marks

Download a zip file with everything