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Drug Cards (Full Set)

HIT’s collection of Drug Cards are idea for use in training sessions, each card provides information about one particular drug it’s effects, risks, harms, costs, methods of use and the law applied to it.

Hepatitis C

This leaflet contains important information about the prevention, transmission and progression of the hepatitis C virus. It also includes advice on ways of possibly slowing the disease down.


This HIT drug card provides information about methadone – its effects, risks, harms, costs, methods of use and the law applied to it.

Methadone and Safety

This booklet contains essential advice on the safe handling and storage of methadone (both when used for treatment of opiate dependency and illicit use), along with vital harm reduction information to help people avoid overdose.

Methadone and Your Body

This leaflet contains practical information about the effect that methadone can have on major organs and functions of the body, including the liver, bowels and teeth.

The Methadone Handbook

The methadone handbook is the complete guide to methadone, and methadone treatment.

Treatment Choices: Methadone

This attractive and easy to read leaflet explains, in plain English, and with simple illustrations, how methadone works.


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