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The Know Series

The drug scene is constantly changing and new drugs are being used alongside the old favourites. There has been an increase in drug-related deaths and problems using ‘new’ drugs. Too many users are being put at risk by not knowing what they are taking, taking too much and/or mixing drugs.

Here at HIT we aim to inform, educate and promote safety amongst drug users.

We are concerned that not enough drug information is getting out there. A lot of information on the internet is patchy, inaccurate and/or gives little information about how to keep safe. Fewer organisations are producing drug leaflets and public sector cutbacks mean many agencies cannot purchase as many drug information resources for their clients as they once did.

In response we have produced:

These five new colourful, reasonably priced leaflets are easy to read and bang up to date. They will help keep actual and potential users as safe as possible and are also informative for professionals and the public at large.

Each leaflet covers: what the drug is, the law, effects of using, possible harms, how to stay safe and where to find out more.

You can either buy these new leaflets individually or  save money by buying them as a full set.

Inform, educate and promote safety.

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