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What’s The Deal On… Cannabis?

Cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in the world – and the most controversial.

Even though the plant has been used for thousands of years, for both its psychoactive effects and its fibres, over the past 100 years it has been glorified and vilified by turns. Currently, in some parts of the world, its legal status is changing as policy-makers attempt to control and regulate its use. So what is it about cannabis that is so confusing and why does it cause so much controversy?

This one-day course gives you an in-depth look at the history, pharmacology, culture, effects and risks of cannabis. The latest information on cannabis is used to explore its social use, changes to its legal status, new synthetic forms, and the potential for harm. You will learn practical ways of dealing with cannabis-related problems and how to help initiate behaviour change for those wishing to reduce or stop their cannabis use.

Learning Objectives

  • To review the historical context and current cultural relevance of cannabis
  • To understand the pharmacological actions of cannabis in everyday language
  • To clarify the latest information on cannabis-related problems
  • To highlight interventions for those who want to reduce or stop using cannabis

Additional Info

  • Length:
    1 Day
  • Trainer:
  • Location:

    Your own venue (group booking)