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What’s The Deal On… Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is widely viewed as a drug that creates unmanageable cravings. Compulsive patterns of use can be associated with drug and sexual risk-taking, crime and violence.

Crack cocaine has proved a challenge for users and drug services alike, with some questioning whether self-control and harm reduction are really possible.

This course teaches practical harm-reduction and self-control strategies for use with crack cocaine users, set within a review of the history of crack cocaine, the drugs evolving profile from the ghetto to the go-getter and a critical exploration of the drug’s passage to the market, rituals and psychopharmacology.

Learning Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the history and social context of crack cocaine
    To increase knowledge of crack cocaine’s properties, effects, methods of production and use
  • To identify ways of reducing the health and social risks associated with crack cocaine
  • To explore theoretical models of self-control within the context of crack cocaine
  • To consider models for engaging, assessing and managing crack cocaine users in a service setting

Additional Info

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  • DANOS:
    HSC226, AB2+, HSC335, AB5*, HSC356, HSC33, AD1+
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    Your own venue (group booking)