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Drugs Awareness

Why do people take drugs? It’s a simple enough question, but one that can have very complicated answers. What is true is that different people use drugs for different reasons – for some it may be curiosity or culture, for others it could be pleasure or pain-relief. By exploring the nature of drug use you will gain a clearer understanding of the issues and be better equipped to support those experiencing problems.

This one-day course explores the social, cultural, legal and health aspects of drug use from a harm reduction perspective. The recent history of drug culture and the current state-of-play is described using the latest research and guidance. In-depth information on the effects of drugs, including legal highs, is presented, and a model that explains what drives drug use is highlighted. The stereotypical view of the drug user is challenged and beliefs about the nature of addiction are also explored.

Learning Objectives

  • To review the recent history and latest trends in drug use
  • To improve knowledge of the effects and risks of all drugs, both legal and illegal
  • To understand the three key factors that shape the drug experience
  • To enhance skills in assessing drug use and the role of harm reduction

Additional Info

  • Length:
    1 Day
  • Trainer:
  • DANOS:
    AA1, AB2+, AB5*, HSC33, AD1+
  • Location:

    Your own venue (group booking)