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HIT are known for the quality of the information we provide, our leaflets, our training, and our conferences. But there are times when we have more themed short essions with some of the best speakers in the work, these make up our HIT Seminars.

Presented by: Robin Baxter, Stephen Yip & Andrea Ku
This Hot Topics seminar on the health and social benefits of gardening took place on Wednesday 2nd September 2015. The event was inspired by HMP Rye Hill’s organic growing project, launched in May 2013 with Garden Organic, offering therapeutic horticultural intervention to offenders with a history of substance abuse.
Presented by: Johann Hari & Steve Rolles
On March 24th 2015 HIT and Liverpool John Moores University’s Centre for Public Health presented a Hot Topics/Research in Focus Seminar looking at drug policy, with Johann Hari and Steve Rolles.
Presented by: Paul Anders
The process of welfare reform initiated by the coalition government on taking office in 2010 has had a number of implications for all people in receipt of social security, some of which are yet to be fully felt or understood. This seminar looked at recent developments from a policy perspective, and at likely future developments.
Presented by: Kieran Hamilton
At this HIT Hot Topics Seminar, Kieran Hamilton discussed online drug user subcultures in relation to both illegal and novel psychoactive substances, the role of the Internet in the changing nature of drug use, and what this might mean for drug users, as well as drug policy, in the future.
Presented by: Adam Winstock
Prescription drug misuse kills more people in the USA than heroin. Driven by aggressive marketing by big pharma in the States and some lax prescribing supported by poor regulation, these ‘quality’ products are one of the biggest emerging drug threats in the UK.
Presented by: Lyn Matthews & Monty Moncrieff
In this Hot Topics seminar Monty and Lyn explored patterns of drug use in their respective areas and suggested tips for how drugs services can best serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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